Identify yourself!

As Millennials starting, or growing into, or even establishing a career, representation is everything. How do you present yourself offline and online? How would you like to be seen by others? And what is the image you think others have of you? What are the breadcrumbs you leave behind for others to find? And we are not just talking about drunk party pictures..

We start from the premise that Millennials don’t want, nor can return to a fully analog world. Therefore we have to learn how to positively deal with the advantages of the world wide web, without diving into the pitfalls.

In this hands-on workshop Mick Jongeling (from Digital Society School) and I will take you into fascinating world of identity and representation. Of course social media will be part of the discussion, but have you thought about offline identity representation and (online) verification? Join us!

Hands-on workshop Bring your laptop!!!


Millennials: born between 1980-2000

2 April 2019, 18:30h 20:30h

Digital Society School
Amsterdam University of Applied Science
Studio HvA*
Eerste Boerhaavestraat 33E
1091 RZ Amsterdam


Voluntary donation
5 euro

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Mick Jongeling is an avid researcher of the Internet and its tangible effects on society. Working in the field of arts, technology and new media he works on understanding behaviour, technology and new media, all from a design perspective. Recently, he has started researching digital identity to understand what his behaviour tells the machines what he will do next.

*  Walk around the Kohnstammhof building and find the entrance next to the parking garage to the square at which the Studio HvA is placed.